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Kenti Asia Wood debut seventeenth China International Ground Materials and Pavement Technology Exhibition

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The 17th China International Ground Material and Pavement Technology Exhibition (Shanghai Flooring Show) has finally opened at the Shanghai New International Expo Center on March 24th! From the world Around the well-known enterprises on schedule appointment, to share this year of the industry's annual event!

Kenti Asian wood dress to attend, gestures show charm "Fan children", in the stars of the bright show, will undoubtedly become the most shining star.

No1: the big show Fan children

You have seen in the interior to change the color of the exhibition hall? Kentia's "Little Water Cube" a debut to attract countless handsome beauty stop camera viewing, exclaimed dreamlike, memorable. Hall color "red, blue and green" three-color design reminiscent of "sunrise, ocean, forest" and other natural landscape, the concept of environmental protection ready to come out. Is not very praise

No2: Guest International Fan children

The atmosphere of the stadium image, first-class product appearance, professional services not only attracted many domestic consumers, but also touched a large number of foreign consumers heart.

A delegation from the United States showed a keen interest in Kentia's wood floor. After listening to the details of the Ministry of Foreign Trade staff, praised endlessly. And said that "in the United States has been noted that Kenya's products, technology is very mature, the design is also very trend, even in the international are very competitive, and then willing to carry out further cooperation." This also shows that Kenya in the internationalization of the road more and more wide.

No3: product fashion range children

Products - is undoubtedly the core of the show. The products exhibited by Kenya include the national patent recognized violin paint flooring, selling overseas PVC / WPC flooring, technology mature three solid wood flooring, rare solid wood flooring, wooden doors and other classic products, favored by consumers. Kenya from 2003 sales volume rising, the market share among the best, has become Asia's largest production and sales of wood products one of the enterprises.



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